We have a clear goal of having world-class products that make a real difference.

International success

The founder of Aarja Health, Håkon Volden, grew up in Hammerfest where his family started with fish farming as far north as you can get. A company which he eventually took over the management of and which was listed on the stock exchange and which achieved great success. His career in the aquaculture industry has been long and Håkon has had a central role in building Norway's largest export industry after oil and gas. With his competence and international experience, he was also for a time appointed by the government appointed "Forum for increased value creation in business life" in Norway.

From our own

The idea and basis for Aarja Health was created by Håkon and Elisabeth who, after a difficult period of illness, wanted to find a natural way to recovery. They had a great need to regain both energy and vitality and to build resistance to disease for the future. The products they wanted were not found on the market, so they started their own journey to develop these nutritional supplements to enable the best conditions, which they finally succeeded in - Now the couple continues their journey that YOU can also take part in!

Elisabeth's Sami family

Our roots are based in northern Scandinavia, where our Sami ancestors have lived in harmony with nature since time immemorial and managed its land and water with great respect and care. The Sámi's holistic overall view of how their living environment merges with nature, history, language and reindeer husbandry is something we are inspired by. But also their way of taking care of the whole animal when slaughtering reindeer. Nothing is thrown away unnecessarily where offal is a good example of this and which is also an important source of good health.

Aarja x Jon Henrik Fjällgren

When we were going to sound a commercial several years ago, we wanted to include Jon Henrik Fjällgren's magical voice. With our Sami roots and inspiration, it was a matter of course for us. When we later talked with Jon Henrik about this, we found several things we had in common, including our view on holistic health, nature and food supplements. Since then we have worked together to develop new products, create relaxing music and share a lot of experiences with each other.

The eight seasons create a unique climate

Among the Sami, it is a custom to divide the year into eight seasons - hence the Sami are called the people of the eight seasons. The different seasons describe the annual cycle of the reindeer and the reindeer herder. These seasons also affect vegetation. The ingredients the plants produce to protect themselves against the harsh climate give fruit and bear unique strength, vitality, aroma and taste.


Winter takes its hold on nature from the end of November and is the beginning of the dark season. It is a time of great challenges, not least because of the lack of natural light.

Reindeer are adapted to the arctic climate and can store both water and energy when it gets cold and graze freely during this period. The bear and other animals go to bed to save energy. Pines and firs are the only greens that match the green color of the blazing northern lights. Pine bark is an important ingredient when we developed Aarja's COLLAGEN . Traditionally, the use of bark has been important for strengthening the skin's protective barrier and connective tissue in the body. During the winter, pine bark is a good source of antioxidants.


In June, it is time for new life. The landscape blooms in shades of green and nature shines charismatically. Although the midnight sun provides the basis for growth 24 hours a day, the north wind provides periods of cold nights. For the reindeer, calving is over. The reindeer and calves seek out birch forests, bogs and streams where the greenery comes early. Here they can graze in peace and quiet. All parents, whether reindeer, birds or humans, feed new family members with proteins, minerals and vitamins that provide energy and build up young and old bodies. The mineral MSM is organic sulfur – one of the most important minerals for controlling the body's many processes and building connective tissue. We made our OptiMSM+C with a combination of the world's best MSM with Nordic blueberries. The young in the family prefer OptiMSM+C when the mineral taste does not become too prominent and a plus is that the antioxidants build resilience.


In February, the sun is finally here again. With the light and the gradual increase in temperature from the sun, the frozen nature slowly begins to awaken. After a long winter, last year's saved energy is soon used up and when March brings longer days, the ice begins to melt and the snow takes on a different texture. Under the snow, the plants begin to prepare for the hectic rush of spring and the bear emerges from its winter hibernation. The first birds are coming back after their winter stay in the south. The reindeer are moved from the winter grazing area to the low mountains. The reindeer seek out their old calving grounds. The bravest plants eventually dare to look up through cracks in the snow. These early herbs contain sources of vitamin C. Our own Elisabeth struggled for a long time with low energy and fatigue, and we made Aarja's Vitamin C with Nordic herbs. A source suitable for combating fatigue that reduced her quality of life for several years.


From the end of June, summer is in full swing. Anyone who comes north at this time of year notes how vivid the colors are in nature. The flowers, leaves on the trees, herbs and berries have very intense colors. Blueberries are dark blue because of a lot of antioxidants. The trees also have a lot of sap and thus a strong green color on the leaves. In the rivers there is good visibility, and the fish live in blue, clear water.

The reindeer graze higher up on the mountain to avoid the heat and get away from insects. During this time, the reindeer must be gathered for reindeer marking, which is a very intensive time for the reindeer herders, who often work around the clock.

Low energy in this beautiful but intense season can be a signal that the body has a vitamin deficiency. A family member of ours was diagnosed with B12 deficiency, with low energy levels, heavy breathing and palpitations. We therefore developed a natural food supplement with B12 with Nordic berries. It helps the brain, nervous system and immune system and can contribute to good health and resilience


If you sleep too long, you may miss the short spring in the north. Even if the sun shines for several hours a day, nature is waiting for a rebirth. When the snow melts completely and the ice breaks with a loud roar, the buds suddenly burst on the trees. Several light green plants surprise with their presence. The spring flowers eventually dare to look up through cracks in the snow, and the colors rise in the trees. The reindeer calves are born and the reindeer choose southern slopes with patches of bare ground. The bait consists of what can be accessed by lichens, grasses, herbs and leaves. Then comes the time when the night is bathed in light. The midnight sun provides the basis for the plants' unique adaptation in the north. The combination of light around the clock and the crisp spring air triggers the plants to produce their own protective substances against cold and radiation, such as antioxidants and vitamins.


At the end of July, the midnight sun says goodbye for this year and it gradually starts to get darker in the evenings. The reindeer wander down to birch forests and bogs. Now it is necessary to build up muscles and fat layers for the winter. There is a lot of food in the form of leaves, grass and herbs. Mushrooms that are rich in protein and phosphorus are something the reindeer love.

For us individuals, it's time to pick blueberries and lingonberries. Many people get energy by walking in nature and sometimes the muscles are completely exhausted after several hours of walking in rough terrain.

Håkon, Aarja's founder, has had many years of demanding leadership roles. His best tip for stress is jogging in nature. For Håkon, physical activity is an important basis for good health, and to counteract his constant leg cramps, Aarja developed a MAGNESIUM3 dietary supplement.


When autumn is in full swing in mid-September, with cooler nights and some light snowfall, the trees draw their energy back to the roots. This process gives strong orange and red autumn colors to the leaves. When the frost comes, the availability of herbs, grass and leaves decreases. For the reindeer, this means that it has to eat more lichens and can also dig up underground parts from water clover and other herbs. It is also time to collect and separate reindeer in reindeer fences as it is time for slaughter. This is heavy work, which requires strength and a good bone structure. Calcium is an important mineral for maintaining normal bone structure and blood clotting. Aarja's CALCIUM also contains vegan D3 and vitamin K2. When the skin absorbs less sun, the body needs supplements of D-VITAMIN to get a good absorption of the important minerals calcium and phosphorus.


With the first big snowfall, the bear gets ready to conserve energy and prepare for winter rest. The reindeer look for places where there may be some greenery left. The last migratory birds leave their nests on the coast. The sun's rays become fewer, until the sun bids a temporary farewell at the end of November. It's time to fill up on vitamin D and good marine fatty acids to maintain the important functions of the brain and body. Aarja's OMEGA3 KRILL contains the highest quality marine oils, EHD and DHA fatty acids made from krill, a microscopic crustacean that lives in the world's coldest waters. The crustacean contains marine antioxidants with a good content of astaxanthin and other nutrients, which means that Aarja OMEGA3 KRILL adds good fatty acids that the body and not least the heart greatly appreciates. Everyone who has grown up in the north has a childhood where omega-3 fatty acids were taken during the winter months. This is because the body itself cannot produce these.

Vitamins and minerals that make a difference. For real.