We believe in limiting our impact on the environment, without compromising on quality and safety.

Our mission & vision

At Aarja Health, we draw a lot of inspiration from nature and take care of the environment in which we live.  We believe in limiting our impact on the environment, without compromising the quality and safety of our products. We aim to be completely plastic and aluminum free in the future. Our vision is to be the first Nordic nutrition company that is 100% compostable by 2025. 

We care for mother earth

We strive to take into account the potential environmental impact of the entire operation. Aarja complies with the laws and regulations that regulate legal environmental responsibility, such as the Waste Act. We believe that our environmental responsibility includes the factors that save natural resources and biological diversity, reduce emissions and waste, and that we continuously review the risks and challenges of our operations for the good of both people and the environment.

Strives for efficiency

Environmental issues are already reviewed in the planning stage of the production processes and are then included from start to finish in the production itself. Our partners must take environmental responsibility into account in their own operations. As a responsible company, we continuously develop our operations and monitor changes in environmental legislation. We strive for better energy efficiency through new solutions relating to factory properties and production processes. The origin of raw materials and logistical solutions must also be considered.

Production management

Waste sorting must take place in accordance with the guidelines for waste management. (SOP T-010). In addition to recyclable recycled paper, cardboard and metal, the factory will start recycling plastics once the planned investment in cardboard and plastic presses has been completed. Energy audits have been carried out and will be carried out on the company's property. The company must, as far as possible, implement the measures recommended in the energy inspection.

Our packaging

We currently use a Swedish company as our packaging supplier. They provide us with cans in two different sizes. A larger one of 200 ml and a smaller one of 110 ml. Both cans have the same high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) plastic lid. The cans are made of polypropylene material (PP) which is made of thermoplastic from the combination of propylene monomers that generate fewer waste products during production and disposal.  It has a low carbon footprint and transmits the lowest carbon dioxide emissions compared to other traditional plastics. 


The labels used for the Nordic, American and Japanese markets are 100% made of paper. Paper is largely recycled and naturally sustainable. Labels used for EU Amazon markets are made of plastic (specification currently unknown). The material for the Nordic labels is "Special coated matt paper", it is not mentioned exactly what this "special coating" is, but it does not affect recyclability. The glue is rubber-based.

Boxes, paper, bags, blisters

All boxes are made from paper at a company in Finland. However, these boxes have a small plastic mark for quality control (material unknown at this time).  Our paper is made from trees that are natural, renewable, sustainable and 100 percent recyclable. Our packaging bags are supplied by a Swedish company. They consist of an aluminum foil with a matte finish. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and is 100% recyclable. The blisters we use are supplied by Constantia Flexibles. The material used is aluminum (42170/ALU-H 20 Dull). 

Shipping and delivery

All orders fulfilled through Shopify are delivered in a brown cardboard box with brown paper padding. Other inserts, for example package inserts, are made of paper. No plastic is used in shipping boxes, filling or inserts. Large shipping boxes are made of paper and contain no plastic filling. For deliveries to end customers from our warehouse, we use Bring, which has an overall environmental target that is approved by SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) and which is in line with the Paris Agreement.

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