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Aarja Health produces high quality, safe and effective nutritional supplements with documented and pure ingredients. Everything is manufactured in our own modern and highly certified BRC factory in Finland with 40 years of experience.



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Inspired by Nordic wisdom

Our roots are based in Northern Scandinavia, where our ancestors have lived in harmony with nature since time immemorial and managed its land and water with great respect and care. Their holistic holistic view of how their habitat merges with nature, history, language and the reindeer is something we are inspired by.

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Family business

Aarja Health was founded by Håkon, Elisabeth and Diego who, after a difficult period of illness, wanted to find a natural way to recovery and a balanced everyday life. The high-quality products that were desired were not found on the market, so they began their own journey to develop these nutritional supplements to achieve overall health, which they succeeded in doing. Now they continue their journey that YOU can also take part in through products of the highest quality.

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