Meet our team and the individuals behind our high-quality vitamins and supplements.

The best gift for myself and others

" In my life and career, I have trusted my instincts and the belief that people have a responsibility to do good things. Creating Aarja Health is probably the best gift I can give to others to support our well-being and make a difference in our quality of life. When it comes to health, we must all take responsibility for our own choices and actions. I am grateful for this opportunity to create the best products with a dedicated team to help people live happier lives through the unique forces of nature."

Håkon Volden, CEO & founder

The food does not contain as many minerals as before

" I believe a holistic approach to life makes a difference. How you manage your thoughts, what's on your plate, how much you use your body and how much time you spend outdoors. And of course – nutritional supplements that work. When all these aspects fell into place, I myself got much better health and quality of life! Why do we actually eat food? Part of that answer is to get in important vitamins and minerals, so that our body can function as it should any longer contain the same amount of minerals as before, we definitely need extra supplements."

Elisabeth Strifeldt, Brand Manager

Very high quality process

I love Aarja's products! All our products go through a very strict quality process, so you can really trust that they are of the highest quality. On a personal level, I have always considered what is best for my family when buying supplements. When we started making Aarja's products, I always asked myself; can I stand behind our own nutritional supplements 100%? Are these really the best ingredients on the market? Now I can proudly answer a definite YES regarding ALL Aarja's products. They are really worth trying!

Diego Nazar, Product Designer

Unique opportunities!

"Currently, our factory is the only one with such strict certification in the field of dietary supplements in Finland. This applies to the entire process chain such as quality management system, product development, operational processes, facilities, everything. We have external evaluation annually for every part. Something we are extra proud of as the dietary supplement industry is unregulated and without control unlike those who manufacture pharmaceuticals. We are more than happy to give everyone an insight into how the factory works so that even outsiders can see how highly we value purity, efficiency and ultimately the ability to deliver outstanding vitamins."

Maarit Rihimäki, Quality Manager

Also meet the rest of our team who ensure that your dietary supplements are manufactured with competence and passion !

Production manager

Sami, keeps the production flowing and his calm
personality creates harmony among all! He spends much of his free time playing volleyball at a competitive level.

Technology manager

Tapio is our superhero in the house! He knows how the complex machines work and is ready to solve any problems that arise. Nothing is too challenging for this handy guy!

Production operator

Arto is the one who makes us laugh with his great humor and quick lines! His long experience and knowledge guarantee that Aarja produces pure and safe nutritional supplements.

Production operator

Laura ensures that each batch of our products is made carefully and with accuracy. In addition, she is a fantastic baker where everyone cheers when she offers us real coffee!

Production operator

Tarleena does the important work of testing our ingredients to ensure they are of the highest possible quality. She also helps with product design by producing taste samples.

Production operator

Terttu has over 40 years of experience from the food and medicine industry! It is with the utmost confidence that we can say that nutritional supplements made by her are in safe hands!

Production operator    

Trained in biotechnology and food technology, with previous experience from the industry, Hanna brings new and fresh insight and expertise to our production. Like Laura, she is a diligent hobby baker.

Production operator   

Sirpa works as a production operator, and carries out, for example, packaging of products. In addition, she is responsible for the important cleaning of the factory premises.

Coordinator B2B

Krista coordinates all our B2B sales and all our customers and is very helpful with everything that needs to be done in the administration.

Responsible for customer support

Marlene is stationed at our office in Alta. She does everything to promote our customers. Everything from customer service, online orders, administrative tasks and translation.


Borisav is a Shopify developer and is constantly up to date with the latest technology, something that both motivates and excites him greatly.

Vitamins and minerals that make a difference. For real.