We work with the purest ingredients without additives mixed with Nordic super-ingredients. Tested, documented and effective.

The raw materials themselves are the key

When we choose raw materials for our products, we buy from companies that are dedicated to the development of unique raw materials. The quality, efficiency and safety can make a world of difference! All our raw materials are carefully studied, well known and have a long history. The materials have approved specifications and information on allergens, GMOs and origin.

Scientific studies a requirement

We care about the quality of our products, therefore we choose raw materials from registered brands. In this way, there are scientific studies that guarantee quality and effectiveness at the cellular level, so we know that the end customer will have a product that really makes a difference.

Competence and experience

Together with Diego, our co-founder and product designer, Aarja Health's nutritional supplement was created after many years of development. Diego is a certified naturopath and specializes in medical biomagnetism, cell microscope analysis and is an expert in microbiological laboratory analysis. He is also an active member of the Association for Natural Therapies in Spain. He has helped many people recover from various diseases, where high-quality nutritional supplements have been part of the treatment.

The decisive formula

In the world of supplements, there are at least two important things to consider: 1) the quality of the ingredients and 2) the synergy between the components. When we create a product from scratch, the first thing to think about is its formula. Which raw material will be the main ingredient, and which will be secondary. Here it is necessary to investigate whether there is reliable information showing that a raw material improves its effectiveness in combination with another substance.

The production process

We always start the production of a product by checking and testing the raw materials. After that weigh, sift and mix them. The finished mass is tableted, encapsulated or filled into bags. The quality is carefully studied every 30 minutes during the process. Tablets and capsules are packaged in cans or blisters. During manufacturing and packing, all steps are fully documented. When the batch is ready, the documentation and samples are checked once again by our production manager and quality manager. Everything must be correct and documented before the product is sent to the customers!

Climate that creates unique strength

In Northern Scandinavia there is a varied nature with a unique life cycle based on eight seasons. In these landscapes, there is an extremely large difference between light and dark and respectively heat and cold, which affects the vegetation. The ingredients the plants produce to protect themselves against the harsh climate give fruit and bear unique strength, vitality, aroma and taste. Studies also show that there are quality differences between plants in the north and in the south. This knowledge became important to us when we started making our own nutritional supplements.

Traceable ingredients that maintain the highest level


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Longvida Optimized Curcumin®

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Superba™ Krill

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