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eight Nordics


Winter tightens its grip from the end of November with the start of the dark season. It is a time when life must go on fire, not least due to lack of natural light. The bear and other animals go to sleep to save energy. Pine and spruce trees are the only greens that match the green color in the blazing northern lights. The bark of pine is an important ingredient when we developed Aarja's COLLAGEN . Traditionally, the use of bark has been important in strengthening the skin's protective barrier and connective tissue in the body. During winter Pine bark is a good source of antioxidants.


In February, the sun is finally here. With the light and the gradual increase in temperature from the sun, the frozen nature slowly begins to wake up. After a long winter, last year's saved energy is soon used up and when March comes with longer days, the ice begins to melt and the snow gets a different consistency. Under the snow, the plants begin to prepare for the hectic rush of spring, and the bear emerges from the den. The first birds return after a winter stay in the south. The bravest plants eventually dare to look up through cracks in the snow. These early herbs contain life-giving vitamin C. Our own Elisabeth struggled for a long time with low energy and fatigue, and we made Aarja's VITAMIN C with Nordic herbs . A source suitable for combating fatigue that reduced the quality of life for several years.


If you sleep too long, you can miss the short spring in the north. Even though the sun shines for several hours a day, life waits for ecstasy. When the snow melts completely and the river road breaks up with a loud roar, the leaves suddenly bounce out on the trees and the reindeer calves. Several light green plants surprise with its presence. The spring flowers eventually dare to look up through cracks in the snow, and the sap rises in the trees. Then finally comes the time when the night is bathed in light. The midnight sun provides the foundation for the plants' unique adaptation in the north. The combination of light around the clock and the sharp spring air, is what triggers the plants to produce their own protective substances against cold and radiation, such as antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

We found that multivitamins as well as cranberries can raise energy levels after jogging in nature. After stress and training, we felt the need to replenish vitamins and minerals in our bodies – the result was a natural energy drink SPORTY BOOST Recovery . The energy drink with Nordic berries and various vitamins also helps on weekdays, especially when the fatigue sets in at 2 o'clock. For harder and longer sports performance we created a real performance booster – Isotonic SPORTY BOOST.


In June, new life has come. The landscape shines in shades of green, and nature shines. The midnight sun provides the basis for growth 24 hours a day. Although the north wind gives periods of cold nights. The focus of all parents; birds, animals and humans are feeding the new life with proteins, minerals and vitamins that provide energy and build young and older bodies. The mineral MSM in organic sulfur – one of the most important minerals for controlling the body's many processes and building connective tissue. We made our OptiMSM+C with a combination of the world's best MSM and added local blueberries for the taste. The young people in the family prefer MSM when the mineral taste does not become too prominent, and a plus is that the antioxidants build resilience.


The summer in the north is not long, but is fully enjoyed from the end of June. Everyone who comes north at this time of year comments on how sharp the colors are in nature. It's like the flowers, leaves on the trees, herbs and berries have a little extra with natural dyes. Something that is true. Blueberries are dark blue due to a lot of antioxidants and the mulch gets an extra red-orange tinge on the islands along the coast. Even the trees have a lot of sap and thus a strong green color on the leaves. In the rivers there is good visibility, and the fish wake up in blue, clear water. Low energy in this beautiful season can be a signal that the body has a deficiency. A family member of ours was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency, with low energy levels, heavy breathing and palpitations. We therefore developed a natural dietary supplement with B12 with Nordic berries . It helps the brain, nervous and immune systems and can contribute to good health and resilience.


At the end of July, the midnight sun thanks the year, and gradually it gets darker in the evenings. The people are looking forward to this year's forest and mountain trips. Not least because it's time to pick blueberries and lingonberries. Many people get energy through short and long walks in nature, and sometimes the muscles scream after several hours of walking on steep slopes and rough terrain. Håkon has had many years of demanding leadership positions. His best tips against stress are activities such as jogging in the mountains. For Håkon, physical activity is an important foundation for good health, and to strengthen the joints and counteract his constant leg cramps, Aarja developed a MAGNESIUM3 dietary supplement of the best quality.


When autumn is in full swing in mid-September, with colder nights and some light snowfall, the trees draw their energy back to their roots. This process gives strong orange and red autumn colors to the leaves. Harvesting the surplus of nature is in focus, and the first northern lights dance in the sky. For the family, the focus is on getting the potatoes out of the ground and picking mushrooms and berries. The highlight for many is the start of this year's grouse hunt. Later comes the moose hunt and the time to collect and separate reindeer in reindeer fences for the Sami siidas. This is heavy work, which requires strength and a good bone structure. Calcium is an important mineral for maintaining normal bone structure and blood coagulation. Aarja's CALCIUM also contains vegan D3 and vitamin K2. When the skin absorbs less sun, the body needs a supplement of VITAMIN D to get a good absorption of the important minerals calcium and phosphorus.


With the first big snowfall, the bear gets ready to save energy, and prepares for hibernation. The last migratory birds leave the apartment in the bird mountain by the coast. The sun's rays will be fewer, until the sun takes a temporary farewell at the end of November. This is the time to replenish vitamin D and good marine fatty acids to maintain the brain and body's important functions. Aarja's OMEGA3 BOOST contains top quality marine oils , EHD and DHA fatty acids made from krill, a microscopic small crustacean that lives in the world's coldest waters. The crustacean contains marine antioxidants with a good content of astaxanthin and other nutrients, which means that Aarja OMEGA3 BOOST supplies good fatty acids that the body and not least the heart greatly appreciates. Everyone who has grown up in the north has a childhood with a supply of omega-3 fatty acids during the winter months. This is because the body itself cannot produce these.