"That nature is the basis for our survival and that everything is connected is completely natural to me."

Jon Henrik and Aarja Health

With his Sami background, strong connection to nature and his holistic approach to health, we are proud to have Jon Henrik as an ambassador for Aarja Health. We are fascinated by his ability to succeed in enthralling people through his music and singing, but also to be able to inspire others through his openness about difficult topics of conversation. Jon Henrik also has a part-ownership in Aarja Health, which feels both natural and inspiring as we both share values ​​related to nature and overall health, something that permeates the production philosophy for Aarja
Health's nutritional supplements.

From one indigenous population to another

When Jon Henrik was 6 months old, he was adopted from an Indian village in Colombia to Mittådalen's Sami village in Härjedalen. When he was adopted, the name was Montoya, but was named Jon Henrik Mario Fjällgren when he came to Sweden. Despite having lived in Sweden basically all his life, he feels a strong connection to his roots, something that is noticeable in both his music and his rhythm, and is also visible on his body where both Montoya and Colombia are found as tattoos. When he won Lets Dance 2018, he got to express his heritage through dance, which brought out sides of himself he didn't know existed.

Reindeer husbandry and mother earth

Jon Henrik is the world's most famous reindeer herder. He has nature and the mountains as his workplace, which can be very beautiful, but at the same time it can be very heavy and involve many different challenges. Some days nature is magical, with lots of different colors, shades and you can hear the silence. Other days it is so cold and blizzard that it is impossible to see where to drive your scooter. It is simply impossible to know in advance how the day will turn out and on the mountain anything can happen! With his everyday life with mother earth, there is great knowledge about nature's pantry and the importance of taking care of our earth.

Jojken a way to find inner strength

Jojken is today a natural form of music, but it hasn't always been that way. For a long time the Sámi lived under oppression and their music was not accepted in society, something Jon Henrik's grandmother told him. She also provided inspiration and the courage to cheer which he did. As a fourteen-year-old, Jon Henrik held his first concert and during his growing up, which was often tough, the joik became a way to find strength. The inspiration for his songs often comes from experiences and feelings that are difficult to put into words.

Openness with mental & physical health

Since his breakthrough in Talent in 2014, Jon Henrik has been very open about his experiences of being exposed to bullying, harassment, post-traumatic stress syndrome and sleep problems, which has inspired others in a similar situation not to give up and that there is light even though it feels hopeless at the moment . He also has his own experience of how medication can go wrong and that there may be other ways to deal with mental illness. For Jon Henrik, physical activity has been a natural part of his life and, together with the boy, has been a rescue when life's difficult challenges have knocked on the door.

Life in the spotlight

In 2014 Jon Henrik became "Jon Henrik" with the entire Swedish people when he knocked both the jury, audience and TV viewers with his performance of Daniels Jojk in the TV program Talent. A competition that he later also won. After that his life changed and music became a big place in his life. Since then, he has had three strong entries in Melodifestivalen, success in Let's Dance and Stjärnornas Stjärna, over 70 million streams on Spotify and has performed in front of kings, presidents and in other prestigious contexts. During the beginning of 2023, he can be seen in Stjärnorna on Slottet and Melodifestivalen on SVT

"As many probably already know about me, I am extremely passionate about mental and physical health. For many years I have tried to both exercise and eat right, but also looked for good nutritional supplements. That is how I came into contact with Aarja Health What I particularly like about Aarja's products is that they contain Nordic ingredients such as pine bark and chaga, because it is in the arctic regions that we find the real superfood. The harsh and hardy climate makes the plants that grow there extra powerful and nutritious Of course, it now feels extra inspiring to be able to share my knowledge and that it results in good nutritional supplements that others can take part in."


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