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"Before I just existed, now I feel alive"

After walking into the wall in 2009, Kirsti had a lot of pain in her body and lost energy. Read more about how she got her energy and life back with our best-selling supermineral OptiMSM®+C!

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Kirsti has worked hard all her life and has also run her own business. In recent years, she has felt increasingly tired and drained of energy, and in 2009 she went into the wall. She was on sick leave at 100% for three months.

"After that I didn't feel well, but I still managed to work. When you have your own business, you just have to perform, almost no matter what happens," says Kirsti.

She only had the energy to go to work, but was completely destroyed when she got home. She also had a lot of aches and pains in her body.

She went on like this for many years, working 50 percent and being on sick leave 50 percent.


She had major problems with sore and stiff joints, restless legs and an inflammatory condition in her body.

“In the end it all started to feel like a joke, I was struggling with a knee one day and the next day it had gone to my arm.

It moved through my body from day to day," she recalls.

"You get terribly tired of feeling that way all the time."

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About 2 years ago, she was advised about Aarja Health's OptiMSM®+C and Curcumin with Ginger & B12, and started taking these immediately.

"I was advised to take 2 sachets of OptiMSM®+C each day. In addition, I took a capsule of Curcumin, which helps with inflammation and can be a natural pain reliever. Almost immediately I felt my energy return!" says Kirsti and continues:

"Before, I only had energy to cook dinner after work, nothing else. Now I have energy for other things, like baking, working out and being active with my grandkids in the afternoon! I haven't felt this way in years. It's amazing!"

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Where before she had felt like she only existed at work, she now had more energy to be more creative and to be a little more "on" during the work day.

"Before I just existed, now I feel alive!" says a happy and satisfied Kirsti.

"Nights are completely different now, before I was in a lot of pain and had to change sleeping positions every 5 minutes.

It no longer feels that way.

With Triple Magnesium from Aarja, I no longer get restless legs at all, something I also used to suffer from at night," says Kirsti.


Kirsti now feels that she has a completely different life than before. "At first I thought it was my age, but it's not just that. It's so nice to realize that I can finally do the things I want," concludes Kirsti.

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OptiMSM ingredients


OptiMSM®+C consists of the mineral sulfur, which is the body's fourth most important mineral.

It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect and is important for many functions in the body.

Energy metabolism, cell optimization, contributes to better joint health and recovery, among other things.

✅ Good for maintaining healthy joints

✅ Good for energy

✅ Anti-inflammatory

Start a health-promoting and active lifestyle with Blueberry-flavored OptiMSM®+C

✅ Contains the body's 4th most important mineral, sulphur

✅ With vitamin C and antioxidant-rich Nordic blueberries

✅ Only safe and effective ingredients

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We can become deficient in sulfur under the following conditions:

  • muscle wasting due to disease or old age
  • chronic inflammation. For example. in stomach/intestines or muscles and joints
  • tough excercise
  • high age
  • little food or one-sided diet

Older people are more often affected by sulfur deficiency. Vegetarians who do not eat meat, or others who generally eat little food, are also at risk.

MSM is also often referred to as the "beauty mineral", as it is known to be good for skin, hair and nails.

Our bestseller OptiMSM®+C is the world's purest MSM and has many clinical studies behind it.

We receive an incredible amount of positive feedback on our OptiMSM®+C, and the common denominators are, among other things, more energy, less joint pain, better sleep and better skin.


OptiMSM initiates a detoxification of the body. It cleanses the liver, kidneys and stomach/intestines, and in connection with this can cause some short-term side effects such as loose stomach, mild nausea and discomfort in the body.

This occurs very rarely and is transient in nature and not dangerous. Should you experience this, just take a break for 5 days and start again with a smaller dose. If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend that you take the product with food.

(Although Kirsti and many others have experienced improvement when using our products, we cannot guarantee this. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition - Always talk to your doctor before starting a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet).

Enjoy a more active lifestyle and youthful skin!


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