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"After a couple of months, my stomach was completely changed"

Marianne has struggled with irritable bowel syndrome since her teenage years and hadn't found anything that worked until she tried OptiMSM ® +C from Aarja Health.

Now her stomach is much calmer and she also has more energy in everyday life.

"After a couple of months, my stomach was completely changed"

Marianne has struggled with irritable bowel syndrome since her teenage years and hadn't found anything that worked until she tried OptiMSM ® +C from Aarja Health.

Now her stomach is much calmer and she also has more energy in everyday life.

health benefits

"My name is Marianne, I'm 41 years old and I live in Alta. I have three children and I'm going to be a grandmother in January, which I'm really looking forward to.

I work as a teacher at the high school, as a training instructor at Spenst Alta - and I am otherwise active on several fronts.

My family is marked by Norwegianisation, so I have devoted large parts of my life to regaining my Sami culture and identity, both in the form of language, crafts and traditions. I love Sami duodji/crafts and spend a lot of time sewing, both by machine and by hand. I sew both cardigans, shells, leather products, fringed scarves etc. and spend a lot of time on it.


These are rewarding activities, but they can also be a source of stress if I take on too much! In addition to being fond of crafts, I am also very fond of moving, mountain biking is one of my favorite activities. Loves being in the mountains - fishing and hunting.

Participating in nature is an important part of my life, and I try to get as much as possible in a busy everyday life, berries, mushrooms, chaga, fish and meat. Without closeness to nature, life does not feel quite optimal.


That's one of the reasons why I discovered the products from Aarja – pure and natural ingredients and a philosophy of getting knowledge from our ancestors here in the north.

Since I was a teenager, I have had an irritable stomach and bowel. It has often been a source of irritation, stomachache, bloating, uncertainty as to whether I can tolerate the food I eat properly, etc. The stomach also reacts incredibly poorly to stress.

I've tried a lot of different things, home remedies, eliminating different parts of my diet, probiotics, etc., but haven't found anything that has worked completely. In recent years, I have also struggled with an immune system that has been weak. I have had low resistance and had a lot of colds, had low energy levels etc.

OptiMSM ingredients


In March 2023, I read the story of Kirsti online, and was recommended the products from Aarja by a colleague. Chose to try OptiMSM + C , and have not missed a single dose. The first month I gradually felt better and better effect, and after a couple of months my stomach was completely changed.

I was no longer bloated, I was able to eat a wider variety of food without causing chaos in my stomach and my body became generally calm. Suddenly I didn't have to think about my stomach anymore, it just "was there" and worked as it should. The energy level also went up a lot, and I think my skin got an extra glow...


Because the product had such a great effect on my body and everyday life, I continued - and then started taking Curcumin , Magnesium and Calcium to get supplements of minerals that affect muscle function and bones, reduce inflammation, and give me better sleep.

I have a fairly fast pace in my everyday life, so the strain on the body is sometimes great. When I turned forty, it reminded me that time does not stand still, and that I need to take care of my body so that I can do as much as possible of all the things that I enjoy. Now that I'm going to be a grandmother, it's even more important 😉

This is what my day looks like with Aarja:

I start every morning by pouring cold water into a glass and mixing in the powder, I also let it sit for 10 minutes. The powder is then completely dissolved. If I don't let it sit for a while, it can get a little lumpy. This is because the powder does not contain any anti-caking agents or other E substances.

I wait a bit before eating breakfast, an hour after approx. If I feel during the day that my stomach is not quite in balance, I take another bag. Especially if I'm going to eat food that my stomach usually reacts to.

Before breakfast I also take 1 calcium and 1 curcumin. For lunch I take 1 collagen together with 1 vitamin C. Before I go to bed, I take 2 magnesium."

Marianne, 41 years old

(Although Marianne and many others have experienced improvement when using our products, we cannot guarantee this. When using medications - always consult your doctor before starting supplements. Supplements should not replace a varied diet.)


OptiMSM consists of the mineral sulfur, which is the body's fourth most important mineral. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and is important for many functions in the body. The energy turnover, cell optimization, contributes to better joint health and recovery, among other things.


We can get a deficit of sulfur under the following conditions:

  • muscle atrophy, due to illness or old age

  • chronic inflammations. For example. in stomach/intestines or muscles and joints

  • tough excercise

  • high age

  • little food or one-sided diet

The elderly are more often exposed to sulfur deficiency. Vegetarians who do not eat meat, or others who generally eat little food, are also at risk. MSM is also often referred to as the 'beauty mineral' as it is known to be good for skin, hair and nails.

Our bestseller OptiMSM is the world's purest MSM and has many clinical studies behind it. We get incredibly good feedback on our OptiMSM and what remains is, among other things, more energy, less joint pain, better sleep and finer skin.


OptiMSM initiates the body's own detox system. It cleans the liver, kidneys and stomach/intestines and in connection with this can cause some short-term side effects such as loose stomach, slight nausea and discomfort in the body.

This occurs very rarely and is transient in nature and not dangerous. Should you experience this, just take a break for 5 days and start again with a smaller dose. If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend that you take the product with food.

OptiMSM ingredients

What does OptiMSM® + C do?

  • Good for maintaining healthy joints

  • Good for energy

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Consists of the body's 4th most important mineral, sulphur

  • With vitamin C & antioxidant-rich Nordic blueberries

  • Only safe and effective ingredients

  • Thousands of satisfied users!

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