Intervju med Tuija Hyyrynen - fotbollsspelare i Juventus

Interview with Tuija Hyyrynen - soccer player in Juventus

Tuija Hyyrynen, lives her life in Turin (Italy), where she plays soccer for Juventus. The iconic club was founded in 1897, but only started its women's operation in 2017 and has since played in Serie A. The team is now aiming for a fourth straight championship title and victory in the Italian Cup. Tuija talks below about the nutritional supplements from Aarja Health that she takes daily.

Tuija started playing as a 10-year-old girl. Her interest in the sport developed when her sister started playing soccer and the passion has followed her ever since. Now she is doing her fifth season in beautiful Italy. Before that, she has played and lived in the USA, Sweden and Denmark.

Tuija has always been interested in health and wellness and studied her Masters in Sports Science while playing in Umeå, Sweden. To stay in shape as a soccer player at the elite level, a very demanding training schedule together with the team is required.

"I have soccer training every day, which includes going to the gym and running, along with a soccer match or two every week. I also do a lot of mobility and recovery training with cycling and using a foam roller," she explains.

Tuija, who is also a key player in the Finnish national team, continues:

"For me, it's about finding the balance between pushing myself to the limit and allowing my body and mind to recover, between training sessions. In football circles there is a perception that basic, healthy and varied home cooking is enough to last performance up and that no supplements other than vitamin D are needed. In my case, however, I am very happy that superfood supplements and vitamins found me."

Tuija says that she discovered Aarja Health's product line over a year ago and that she really feels the positive effects it has in her everyday life.

"To be honest, I really struggled when I moved to Italy, because of the extremely hot weather and the very demanding schedule. I got cramps. I got dehydrated. I needed to find a way to perform better and recover faster. To give my body all the nutrients it needs."

Tuija says she usually starts her morning with OptiMSM +C with blueberries , as a drink. She simply adds a sachet of the supplement to a glass of cold or heated water and then stirs. Then she ends the day with Magnesium3+B6+Zinc , which counteracts muscle cramps and helps sleep. "During training I love using Sporty Boost . It just gives me energy and keeps me hydrated.

Daily, Tuija says she also takes Curcumin with Ginger & B12 to prevent inflammation, as well as Collagen with pine bark for joint health and Vitamin C 500 with Zinc & Chaga to support the immune system.

Tuija advises all individuals, young and old, to listen to their bodies:

"Ask yourself questions like 'How do I feel?' and 'What do I need?'. Maybe you're tired or need more healthy food, fresh air or meditation. Find out what's right for you and then take action . These small daily choices add up in the long run and make all the difference. For me, being an athlete is a lifestyle where you make healthy choices around the clock to perform at your peak."

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